It's HalloBean time again!
Hallobean 9 is happening Saturday, October 24th this year. For a list of invitees and their RSVP status, head to the evite site. If you have not been invited, feel free to add yourself (just RSVP) - everyone is welcome! The list of people I invited is loosely based off of my email contact list - so I am sure there are some wrong emails and people missing. Help me out by adding people I've forgotten!

Where: The Schy Abode (Google map)
When: Saturday, October 24th, 2009, 6pm
what: A party, silly.

The Lineup
We'll have food, drinks, "activities", great company, a bonfire (weather permitting), and a healthy dose of shenanagins. Iron Bartender will be happening this year, so bone up on your mixology and bring your favorite mixable liquid.

Around The World
We'll have an "around the world" food and drink setup going in the basement. More details on this as we nail them down.

A Few Ground Rules
As always, I'll lay out a few ground rules to ensure that everyone has a fun, safe HalloBean. First off - costumes are required. No costume = no admittance. If you invite a friend, make sure they know this. Next: If you plan on spilling something, do it downstairs on the concrete floor, not on my carpet. If you do spill, let a Schy know ASAP. Lastly: If you drink heavily, you must have a DD or stay the night.

What to Bring
First and foremost, bring yourself, bring your friend, and wear a costume! If you can, bring a bottle of liquor, wine, drink mix, or pop. Try to find something that you don't think anyone else will bring, as these items will be crucial for the success of Iron Bartender.

As more details are nailed down, I'll post them here.

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